Patti Ryan has been dedicated to the art of interior decoration since 1989 by first establishing herself as a popular and widely published decorative painter with a flair for color and design. She works with a broad palette of decorating styles for residential, commercial and vacation properties.

Patti’s bold approach to design, along with her attention to detail, passion for color, and dedication to the principals of balance and proportion, press the boundaries of creativity and innovation while always maintaining style and sophistication. “I enjoy working with my clients to create spaces that are charming and gracious, inviting and warm, and fun…crafting enchanting rooms that will not quickly fade from memory”.

Patti delights blending furniture, pattern on pattern, fabrics and textures almost always with a generous flourish of color. “Being a designer gives me the opportunity to energize a client’s space or business by doing what I love to do. One of the wonderful benefits of my work is making people happy in the process! I believe that everything you live with should be excellent, not necessarily expensive, just excellent. A well designed room will draw you in like a magnet.”