Patti Ryan

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Patti Ryans’s trademarks are her gifted use of color through her unconventional mixing of modern with traditional, and her intuitive sense for proportion and scale. Her stylish spaces are personal, fresh, comfortable, inviting and surprising.

Patti’s aesthetic influences, with their roots in her nomadic childhood, ad decade in the world of fashion, and years as a decorative artist-turned designer, have given her a remarkable perspective about the art of interior decoration.

“Bring a designer gives me the opportunity to enliven a client’s home or business by doing what I love to do. One of the joys of my work is making people happy in the process! I believe that everything you live with should be excellent, not necessarily expensive, just excellent. A well designed room will draw you in like a magnet.”

Patti Ryan  Designer and Founder

Patti Ryan
Designer and Founder